American food


You definitly have to try something unusual: fried Oreos, sounds weird isn't it?

Yesterday, my roommate made some ftied Oreos for her marketing project about this brand. 
It was really good, I usually don't like Oreo but by frying them, they became with 
the same soft texture as the rest of the cake and they were better.

You need a box of Oreos and a box of Aunt's Jemima's buttermilk pancake mix, it is really simple!

You should try, trust me! It's so American!


Usually based near West campus, we have probably already seen one of them.
Today, I present you the truck named "CLOVER": they served inventive vegetarian meals and the most of the food is prepared inside the truck. 

It is not expensive (range between$3 and $5 for the lunch) and you can check 
on the social media the locations, menus...


If you are in the United States, you have to try some Mexican food because there is a lot of places and this type of food is quite popular and not expensive!
Yesterday night, I was in Sunset Cantina in front of the Agganis Arena because one of my friend told me that it is one of the best places to eat nachos!
You take a XXL plate and it was really good but quite spicy for me!


The season of maple syrup is coming to end... in New England, there is a lot of maple sugar houses and you can visit them and buy the best maple syrup!

The maple syrup comes from maple trees that store starch in thier trunks and after, this starth begins to transform in sugar. The trees are ready to be tapped!
You can eat it with pancakes, French toasts, waffles... it is simply delicious! 


Today (22nd March), it's 81°F and I feel like in summer!
It is such a beautiful weather! So, it is definitly the time to eat frozen yogurts, you will like it!

Pinkberry is one of the best places to eat frozen yogurt: it is fresh made with quality ingredients.
You can have freshly cut fruits and different toppings as granola, almond, chocolate. Delicious!
It is creative and healthy!

Fruit parfait
Fruit bowl


It is already the Spring and the sun is coming little by little: 
it's the perfect time to eat ice cream!

What's better than one from Ben & Jerry's ?

Ben and Jerry are two good friends from the Vermont who decided to create an ice-cream scoop shop.
The two friends have a strong philosophy and values: make the best ice-cream with the best ingredients and with the best way.

The brand is colorful, funny, and self-conscious... I love it!
                                                      And of course, the ice creams are delicious!


You can't leave Boston without trying a bowl of clam chowder, one of the most famous dishes in Boston.

Made with cream, milk and full of clams, potatoes, onions, the white New England clam chowder 
is perhaps the most known chowder in the US

I tried it several times and I really LOVE it! 

Usually, there is some in the dining hall for lunch but you can also find it in the restaurants all around Boston where it is usually served in a piece of bread. 
Just delicious!


When I am in a new country, I like to discover the culture, the way of life.
So after the cheese cake, I tried the cupcake!

Sometimes, you can make your own one in the dining hall (see the picture of my roommate).
You can also buy one in stores like Sweet: there is one on Newbury Street. I particularly like Sweet because of the atmosphere, the colors.. It's just so beautiful!


(Pictures by Lucie B., thank you!)


We discovered it last semester...

A place where everything means chocolate,
everything is made of chocolate.


When you open the door of the restaurant, you will immediatly smell the chocolate.
It's usually full, so it's better to make a reservation.


Hamburgers, Apple Pie, Potato Chips helped shape the nation.

All around the world, American food is known to be not very healthy, not very light, BUT..
I give you some foods that make America great!

Try the Cheesecake: not great to stay slim, not "low fat" .... but it's taste good!

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