Not far from Boston, you can rent a car and visit Newport.
I really appreciated this town because it is small and welcoming. And don't forget to eat some lobsters!

Love it!

Beautiful town

Eat lobsters


Go to the beach

Eat lobsters

Be with your friends

Beautiful view

On the road


Be in Boston, it's also a great opportunity to go to NEW YORK CITY.
It's not really far, not really complicated and not really expensive.
Just do it!
  • The best way to go is definitly the bus: (4 hours)
Companies like Greyhound, Peter Pan are usually the most expensive but you can also find some "cheap" companies like Fung Wah Bus (a chinese one) or Lucky Star which offer you attractive prices but buses are not very confortable.
  • What do you have to visit?
New York is an amazing city where everything is moving all the time. There is so many things to discover.
I personally think that walking is the best way to enjoy NY even if the city is big.
But if you want to take the subway, they will propose you a "pass" but it depends on how many days you will stay.
- Times Square (I prefer by night) and next to it, there is the MM's store!
- Wall Street
- Manhattan (+ Statue of Liberty)
- Empire State Building
- Ground Zero
- Central Park
- Brooklyn Bridge



Last November, I did a road trip to Canada with some
friends and it was truly awesome.
We rent a car and we went to Montreal, Ottawa and then, Quebec.
Canada is a beautiful country, huge that's true but
the landscapes are amazing.

Chutes de Montmorency

You can also take the bus (Greyhound):
~ from Boston to Montreal, it takes almost 7 hours and you will arrive directly in the center of Montreal.
I definitly recommend you to visit Quebec or Ottawa because we were all agree that we prefered these cities to Montreal.


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