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Every day, there are many events that happen on BU campus!

As a student of Boston University, you will probably receive every day a newsletter named "BU Today" that talks about the news, the events in BU and Boston.
But to be aware of all the events, you can also go on their website and see the calendar:

  • What kind of job can I have?

There is a lot of working opportunities on BU campus.
The most common job for students is in the dining halls like Myles, Warren Towers... you will serve the food or swipe the cards at the entrance for example.
There are also opportunities in the GSU in the Starbucks or Jamba Juice, you will make the coffee or the smoothies.

  • How can I get a job?
It is very simple: just go to the dining halls you prefer and ask for the manager. He will probably give you a form to fill with the number of hours you want to work and your schedule. 
The second option you have is to go to the employment office and ask for the jobs available on campus. After selecting the jobs that interested you, you have to send some emails to the person in charge of the position. 
I did both and I think the second option doesn't really work, it is better to go directly to the dining halls!

  • The procedure
When you fill all the forms required with your manager, you will have to go to the ISSO for the formal and legal informations. If you have a French insurance like me and you waived the BU one, you will probably go to the Social Security Administration to get a social security number. 

Follow and get information about the MET College:!/METBU/following

For the Spring semester, I chose these classes:

- Marketing and communication
- Negociation and conflict resolution
- Business Strategy
- Financial markets and institutions

  • Marketing and communication
It is every Monday, 6 to 9pm with Professor Cahaly.

The purpose of this class: 
"This examines the tools and techniques of communications used in marketing products, ideas, or services. Focus on analyzing, designing, selecting, and evaluating marketing communication strategies."

Assignments: read the chapters/ 2 exams/ 1 final presentation and paper

My opinion: if you read the chapters, you will be ready for the class and the exams. The final paper is about a company and you have to study it and give your analysis.

  • Negociation and conflict resolution
 It's every Tuesday, 6 to 9pm with Professor Marya.

The purpose of this class: 

"This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the concept of negotiation and organizational conflict resolution.  Starting with a discussion of the meaning of negotiation, it includes a discussion of different types of negotiation strategies, and emphasizes the significance of an integrative, collaborative, win-win negotiation approach.  A variety of topics are discussed including, but not limited to, some rational and emotional elements in approaching negotiation and conflict resolution, psychological subprocesses, social contexts, individual differences, multiparty situations, and dealing with impasses."

Assignments: read the chapters-cases-book/ 2 short test/ 2 papers/ 1 final exam

My opinion: this subject was totally new for me, it is interesting but you have to provide a lot of work.

There is a lot of theory to learn, it is a bit subjective but it gives you a lot of advices to be a good negotiator.

  • Business Strategy
It is every Wednesday, 6-9pm with Professor Silvia. 

The purpose of this course:
" Businesses continually face challenges….some are there now …and others will be there as the environment in which they operate changes. Some of these issues are problems or threats to the business and others are potential opportunities.   It is the job of the manager to identify or anticipate these changes and plan a course of action that will deal with them. This is the essence of creating business strategies and strategic plans. 
This course will focus on the process of creating business strategy and strategic plans."

Assignment: read chapters/ 3 reports/ 2 quizz/ a final presentation

My opinion: this class requires a lot of work and some knowledge in marketing, finance... However, it is interesting, I really like it! You have to play the role of consultant.

  • Financial markets and institutions
It is every Thursday, 6 to 9pm with the Professor Noorian.

The purpose:
"Investigation and analysis of organization, structure, and performance of U.S. money, capital, markets, and institutions.  Examines regulation of the financial instruments, and the role of financial instruments."

Assignments: a team project/ one mid-term/ one final

My opinion: if you are interesting in finance, take this class. It gives you the basis and the tools to understand the world of finance. I like also the fact that we are learning a lot about the US, we are talking a lot about the  news, you have to be involved with what is happening.

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