Spring Break


Each year, BU's community service center sends hundred of students in some places that had some disasters or where communities are threatened for example: Montana, Louisiana...

This program was founded in 1987 and it gives to students the opportunity to spend their holidays helping other people and doing something for others.
I think it is an amazing experience and you can follow them on Twitter: 

During this time, you can learn a lot about you but also you can develop leadership skills, patience, relationships... it is a great experience using your time helping people who need it.

Examples of tasks:
- restock food pantries
- carry for the ill
- tutor children

DAY -1...!

Dormitory-style residences will close at noon on Saturday, March 10, 2012 and will reopen at 10am on Sunday, March 18, 2012.
Residence dining service ends with dinner in friday, March 9, 2012 and resumes with dinner on Sunday, march 18, 2012.
The GSU will be open until 5pm on Saturday if you need a place to wait for transportation after the residence close.

Beginning at 9am on Saturday, March 10, Residence Life staff members will be entering all dormitory-style room to ensure that residetns are vacating the premises in a timely fashion. 

Please take the following pre-departure steps:

- Unplug all electrical appliances, including MicroFridges.
- Dispose of all items that may spoil in your absence.
- Throw out all trash and recycle your recyclables.
- Keep the heat on
- Lock all doors and windows in your room.
- Don't forget cell phone, medication, airline tickets, passport and Terrier Card.
- Most importantly, don't forget your keys!

Have a nice Break, see you soon!

DAYS -4 ...!

You have to be careful about the Spring Break especially if you are on-campus because residences and dining halls will close.

But it's the opportunity to travel and enjoy the United States, Canada, Mexique or Punta Cana for example!

Calendar, Spring Recess:
Residence dining service suspended after dinner : Friday, March 9
Residence close : Saturday, March 10
Residence open : Sunday, March 18, 10 am
Residence dining service resumes with dinner : Sunday, March 18