lundi 27 février 2012

Some places in Boston.

These days were just beautiful, it was the opportunity to visit the city and walk around.
I give you some ideas to enjoy Boston!
Eat oyster, go to Abercrombie, see historic sites...

Patrick Kennedy made a tour of 25 sites in about 25 minutes, watch it!

My tour:
  • Newbury Street: I love this street, it is so cute, there is a lot of shops, cafés... The best time for walking is during the weekend especially Sunday when it is sunny, you can take a brunch (at Paparazzi for example).
  • Quincy market: a huge place where you can eat almost everything (take a Starbucks, eat greek, japanese, chinese, mexican... all types of food!)
  • Public garden: the place to rest where you can see some squirrels, swans, you can picnic...
  • Massachussetts State House: some history now... the State House is a huge edifice. The highly visible dome was originally shingled in wood, then sheathed in rolled copper and finally gilded in 1861.
  • Harvard: not far from Boston University, it is the occasion to learn more about the most prestigious and famous university in the world and they proposes different types of tours.

  • Prudential and Fifth avenue: the perfect place to do some shopping, eat a cheesecake (at the Cheesecake factory) and also go to the Skywalk observatory to enjoy a beautiful view of the city.
  • Boston's harbor: if the weather is nice, take a boat and go around the small islands or take a boat to see the whales.

  • Museum of Fine Arts: my favorite museum in Boston with a lot of exhibitions all the year.

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