vendredi 16 mars 2012

Boston in the dark

For my Spring Break, I'm staying in Boston because
my parents were coming. I spent a great time.

Fire on Back Bay

However, Tuesday night, when we came back to the hotel, the lights on the street, in the shops and in the restaurants suddenly went off.
One hour later, the police was almost everywhere to guide people and cars. We saw an important fire on Back Bay and in our hotel, there was no more lights and no more hot water!
In fact, I learnt later that the fire was burning in a transformer that brought a heavy smoke and caused that 20,000 people had no more power.

Until yesterday, Boston was almost in the dark and there was a lot of noise because of the fire sirens, the works, the temporary generators in the street...

Today, the situation seems to return to the normal.

Boston yesterday near Prudential Center

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