lundi 2 avril 2012

National Public Health Week

This event start today!
Every day during this week, a lot of different activities are planned by the Undergraduate Public Health Association in order to inform you about everything related to health.

  • Monday, April 2nd: healthy eating and active living day
Stop by the GSU link for yoga sessions and learn how to get involved with organizations like Sargent choice.

  • Tuesday, April 3rd: alcohol, tobacoo and other drugs day
Meeting at 8pm at the GSU Academic Room about "Speed date with drug experts"

  • Wednesday, April 4th: communicable diseases day
Meeting at 6.30pm at STH B19 about "you, me and STIs: everything you need to know about sexually transmitted infections"
Free HIV testing at CGS between 10am and 2pm

  • Thursday, April 5th: reproductive and sexual health day
Stop bu the GSU Link for information and free condoms.
Meeting about "(sex)abled: disability uncensored" at CGSA at 6.30pm

  • Friday, April 6th: Mental and emotional well being day
Join the team for a Stress Buddy workship to have some tips and tools about stress management.

All the events are free, so bring all your friends!
For more information:

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